Dinner in Hohhot

What happens when four girls, from different countries all over the world, have one last evening in Inner Mongolia before they leave? What more can be experienced? We have seen the Great Wall of China, been camelback riding, horseback riding, slept in a yurt in the grasslands, visited a museum & a temple, walked around town and eaten the weirdest of meals.

restaurant 8.JPG

We have sandsurfed in the middle of the desert (while it was snowing and minus degrees). We have eaten camelbiscuits, unknown types of meat and been served milktea – with meat of course. We have woken up to see the beautiful Mongolian grasslands covered in the first snowlayer of the year.  And all in just four days! What more is there left to be done or seen?

Food of course! If there is one thing that (almost) never will fail – then it’s food. Try food you have never tried before. Enjoy the different flavours – there is not many other places in the world where you will be able to get exactly what you are eating at this moment…

So, in case anyone ever is in need of a good meal when waiting for something (anything really) in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, then go find the cutest little restaurant you can see. If it has adorable kitten-pillows, incredibly good dumplings and an obsession over cats – then you’ve hit gold! If the staff is overjoyed of having foreigners as guests, serve you chilled beer (tsingtao always works) and begs for a selfie right outside the washroom then you’re exactly where you should be! I think it is safe to say that we enjoyed our last meal in Hohhot, and warmly recommend it to others travelling in the city, even though the pillows freaked out one half of my travel companions 🙂


restaurant 1

restaurant 2

restaurant 3

restaurant 4

restaurant 6.JPG

restaurant 7.JPG

restaurant 5.JPG

Small snaps taken of the streets from our way back to the hotel…

restaurant 9.JPG

restaurant 10.JPG

restaurant 11.JPG


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