A lazy ass

Yes, I know – I have been a lazy ass. I have vacation as some of you know – and honestly I should do more than just sleep. Okay, that was a slight exaggeration… I have gotten lots of jobs lately and I have gotten good news from some of the universities I applied for before christmas. I think the next few years will bring me lots of good memories (and photos for you guys), can anyone imagine where I am going? Hint: it starts with an H and ends with awaii 🙂 Hope you take these pictures from my instagram account as a token for my apology – and I will start working on those blog posts right away! Cheers!


You’ll find me on @maikenar



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  1. anita says:

    Hawaii!!! Strålende Maiken 🙂 Du er så dyktig! Artig å følge bloggen din altså- Hils alle herfra ❤


    1. maikenar says:

      Tusen takk, jeg gleder meg utrolig mye! Skal hilse masse herfra 🙂


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