10 reasons why I love being lazy

There is one thing my dad keeps telling me every day. He points it out, uses it in conversations and examples. He is amused by it – and also extremely annoyed by it. So is a lot of people, come to think of it… What is it, you ask? My laziness.

Yup, and I am not ashamed. In fact, I have found 10 reasons to why I love being lazy- and why you should love it too. Cheers to lazy people!

1. We’re always well rested.

We don’t understand when friends say they are “exhausted”. What does that word even mean?


2. Our schedule is always clear.

Technically there are a thousand things you should do … but they can wait till Monday.


3. We are safer than anyone else.

Driving takes a lot of effort. It’s way easier to just cruise below the speed limit. And who have ever heard of bear attacks happening in someones bed?


4. We can do marathons.

But they are usually used in the same sentence as “netflix”.


5.  We can nap and nap and nap.

What else is there to do? You literally have no plans. Besides, the takeout delivery may take some time – might as well use it wisely.


6. We have great success.

Being lazy leads to great success. We are extremely clever – if we weren’t then we wouldn’t be lounging on a couch and still have a job, see? And we get our assignments done quickly – so that we don’t have to spend more time on it than necessary.


7. We always know a quicker or easier way to fix things.

Enough said.


8. We are good for the environment.

Who ever heard of the lazy person opting for the (dreadful) chore that is shopping? No one – meaning that we go by without lots of stuffs – we are basically eco-warriors. And who’s saving the earth by not using much energy? We are. Sometimes we just choose to kick back and not drive for a few days.

lazy 1.jpg

9. We are patient – and can handle things to extreme levels.

For example waiting for someone to turn on the a/c, lying hungry for hours or watching a boring channel…


10. We’ll be happier in a relationship.

Unstress. Sometimes you just need to go home and do the minimum. Together. You’ve been working all week – you deserve it. Besides – what does a lazy weekend bring? Grade A-cuddles and lots of talking. #PerfectSaturdayNight



So have YOU learnt your lesson? Love lazy people!


What do you think about this post? Is this something you want me to do more of? Please leave a reply 🙂


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  1. Archon's Den says:

    The wife was walking past, so I got her to click ‘like’, and type this comment. 😛


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