We love palmtrees, don’t we?

#Warning! Contains lots of pictures of palmtrees. Only suitable for people bitten by the travel bug 🙂

Hi again. So I’m going to be blunt with you – this post was originally supposed to be about more than just palms. Yes, that was not a spelling mistake. You see, I love palms. Don’t know why really. Maybe it is because they remind me of long days at the beach, warm weather and the promise of being lazy all day – without people chastising me for it. Or maybe simply because I love the coulour green. Or maybe because they are everywhere on tumblr, weheartit, instagram and blogs all over the world – simply because one picture of palms can make a whole blog post seem so much better. And meaningfull. And it’s working isn’t it? Thought so.


You see, there is one thing we think of when people mention exotic travels – palms. Of course – with palms comes the sun, the beach, the coctails and late nights – but also the promise of relaxation. They give us excellent photos, they give us shade when we need it and provide us with coconuts when we’re thirsty. What’s not to like when it comes to palms?

vietnam 6

Now, you might think that this is quite the exaggeration – but honestly – aren’t you just a tad bit more happier now than five minutes ago? All these pictures of palms, for you to enjoy and for me to dream about. Lovely, isn’t it?


Oh, and let’s not forget how exceptional they look with a sunset in the background!

vietnam 8

Magnifique! Have a lovely day people, I hope you just got bitten by the travel bug! More posts about Thailand and Vietnam is coming up.


Thailand: 1,3 & 5 – Vietnam: 2 & 4 .






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