Why we love vacations

Imagine: you have just spent the whole day on the beach. Swimming, tanning, laughing, eating and drinking. Now, you are exhausted so you sit down in a chair and just watch. You watch everything happening around you. The sunset slowly disappearing behind the endless water, the people walking along the beach hand in hand, the family next to you having trouble handling all their kids. And you close your eyes, breathe in and just relax. Then – a thought hits you. How lucky aren’t you to be able to witness something like this? How lucky aren’t you to be here, on a vacation, with the ones you love, without any worries? Without any problems. The only problematic question that comes up during the day is which restaurant you will be dining at today! Other than that, there are no worries.


The kids are old enough to not worry about when they are swimming. Your loved one is chill enough to not nag about the beer you were supposed to get ’em earlier. In fact, everyone is so relaxed at the beach that the only sounds you hear are the ocean waves crashing on shore, the birds singing in the trees, the busy waitresses and the occasional high-pitched scream coming from some of the youngsters running along the beach. You still feel the nagging burn of the sun, and this morning you saw freckles appear on your face, bringing you back to lovely childhood memories.


And then you breathe out and smile, realising that you are in fact one very lucky human being. And as the sun slowly sets, your shoulders relax more and you take time to memorize everything around you, so that when days get tough you’ll remember this feeling. The feeling of inner peace. #WhyWeLoveVacations ❤









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