Thoughts on moving abroad

It is not easy to start preparations for a move that will take you far away from the people you love. For anyone who has ever moved abroad you will remember the times when you were really excited, then really nervous and in the end – downright terrified. Moving to China wasn’t very scary for me, and I think it is simply because I had my family with me. I didn’t move alone. But this time is different.

angelica blick pura vida.jpg

This time I am preparing everything for myself. I am booking a one-way ticket for one person. I am applying for visa, booking a hotelroom, choosing courses, finding out about the campus and dorms. I am planning a new life on the other side of the planet – again.

And to tell you the truth: I am not scared. I am not terrified. Actually, I am incredibly excited. And ready – very much so. I have been ready for this move for years now.

Qin Great Wall, Inner Mongolia

Ever since middleschool I have told my parents that after high school I would leave the country to study abroad. And leave the country I did. Not the way I thought I would, and not where I thought I would go. I didn’t end up in England or Australia – I ended up in China. And I am not planning to go to England or Australia for my next big adventure – I have booked my ticket for Hawaii instead.

So here I am. Sitting with my computer, pouring my guts out to the world, with my flight schedule in one hand and an admission notice in the other. When did it come to this?

Koh Lanta, Thailand

I have always known I would leave, but when did it become this easy for me to do so? There are so many people in this world who doesn’t even leave their countries their whole life, yet here I am – wishing to leave everything and everyone that has become dear to me! Of course – we live in a new world now, and I will never be far away from the people I love. I have skype, a phone and a computer. Anyone can book a flight in just a couple of minutes. If push comes to shove, I am only hours away from my family if accidents where to happen- even though we have the whole world between us. Technically I am not far away, not at all.

image 2.jpg
Koh Lanta, Thailand

The only thing that separates us is the physical part. I can’t go a short distance to find my mom and give her a hug. I cant’t show up for birthday parties to wish my brother’s a happy birthday. I can’t show up for social gatherings happening in the countries where my loved ones and friends are. But I will be able to send a video to congratulate. I will be able to send a package or a postcard. I will be able to connect via skype, or write down my feelings in a message or on a card. And I will never be truly far away. I will always be there. Just a little bit further away than normally.


So no, I am not terrified. Maybe a little bit scared. And very excited. And definitely nervous. But that’s all part of the deal right? When moving abroad? Just remember; all this worrying and thinking, this is all just one part of the deal. The other part comes later; with all the adventures, the memories, the people you meet, the places you see and the food you’ll eat.

I am one step closer to my next big adventure. And you bet I will enjoy it. I am ready!


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