Cruising the streets of Hanoi, Vietnam

Our first stop in Vietnam was Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital and also the country’s second largest city. One of the first things we did after arriving was hop on a tuk-tuk and go for a cruise along the streets – a great way to see the city, and still not get exhausted by the high temperature and humidity that covers the city in the warm summer months 🙂

vietnam 2 2014 091.JPG

If you wonder what a tuk-tuk is, the best way to explain it would be to call it a bicycle-powered rickshaw – the work tuk-tuk is actually the Vietnamese version of the word rickshaw, so…  If you look at the picture below, you will see how they look like! In Hanoi each tuk-tuk is only for one person (when I travelled in Cambodia and Thailand the tuk-tuks were for several people each), and they are actually quite comfortable. Another plus is the price; a tour around the neighbourhood is very cheap!

vietnam 2 2014 141.JPG

I’ve got plenty of pictures, as we went on quite a long tour, and I hope you like them! Enjoy, and have a lovely day everyone! 🙂

vietnam 2 2014 073

vietnam 2 2014 077

vietnam 2014 066.JPG

vietnam 2 2014 065

vietnam 2 2014 107

vietnam 2 2014 060

vietnam 2 2014 066

vietnam 2 2014 089

vietnam 2 2014 112

vietnam 2014 054.JPG

vietnam 2 2014 092.JPG

vietnam 2014 051.JPG

vietnam 2 2014 139

vietnam 2 2014 115
















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