Hey guys! I’m so sorry, I’ve been so bad at posting these last two weeks, there is never really any good reasons, but maybe this time you might believe I have a good one; I have just finished my year in China and have moved back to Norway for the summer! I have lots of pictures from China yet to be posted – I’m working on blog posts now. I also have lots of posts from Vietnam soon ready for you (you can find earlier posts in the Vietnam category). I’m off to work very soon (I’ll be working 24/7, meaning no time for my blog) – but don’t worry! I’m making sure to schedule some posts for the next weeks or so.

Also – I’m soon moving to Hawaii, and I am super excited – and looking forward to bring you along with me on this new journey. Plus there will be so many beautiful pictures! *Cue Heart Eyes Emoji*. I hope everyone is having an awesome summer vacation, and that wherever you are in the world you are enjoying life! And living the adventure (anyone else except for me that watches FunForLouis on YouTube? He’s awesome!). LATERS PEEPS 😀

Earlier instagram posts found herehere and here. My instagram is found here.

Chenshan Shanghai Botanical Gardens
I think I’m addicted to Coco…
The Bund, Shanghai
En route to Halong Bay, Vietnam
Exploring Shanghai
Halong Bay, Vietnam
Lujiazui, Shanghai
Last day at Fudan University, Shanghai
Around Fudan Uni’s Campus
Shanghai street…fruit
Shanghai street…jars?
M50 Art District, Shanghai


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