Day one in Halong Bay, Vietnam

So guys… guess what beats a cruise in Halong Bay? A hike in Halong Bay! I don’t remember what the little island was called, but the view from it was AMAZING! There was also a cave there, and a little floating village. A perfect stop for those of you who have to walk around and keep active – when swimming and canoeing doesn’t do the trick anymore.

The hike was not too difficult, definitely OK for all ages, and something I think you should do if you are on a cruise in Halong Bay for more than 1 or 2 days. The only down side? It’s very warm and humid, so remember to bring water bottles and protection against the sun. Other than that enjoy the view! And take lots of pictures… 😉

vietnam 3 2014 059.JPG

vietnam 3 2014 123.JPG

vietnam 3 2014 133.JPGvietnam 3 2014 060.JPG


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    1. maikenar says:

      Thanks!! 😀


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