Canoeing in Halong Bay, Vietnam

YES PLEASE. I have canoed  (for the norwegians: padlet) a lot of places in Norway, and trust me when I say those trips have been pretty epic! But canoeing in Halong Bay is definitely something that is close to topping the list when it comes to my canoeing-adventures (I hope that doesn’t sound too boring to you). 😛 I have a feeling most of the cruises in Halong Bay that you can order will have put canoeing in between the islands in their schedule. But remember to check before you order – our cruiseboat had a whole schedule for our days there, filled to the brim with actitivies – amongst other things there was a lot of canoeing. Not that we complained of course… the view was amazing!

vietnam 3 2014 281.JPG

vietnam 3 2014 274.JPG

vietnam 3 2014 276

vietnam 3 2014 292.JPG

vietnam 3 2014 295.JPG


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