Summerdays in Norway

Oh how lovely Norway can be in the summer if the weather is good!

image1 (2).PNG
Verdens Ende, “The World’s End”, Tjøme

Guys! As I don’t have any incredibly amazing photos from Hawaii yet, I decided to post some summer-photos from my home country: Norway. As I am writing this I also realize that a lot of you aren’t Norwegian at all, and that maybe photos of Norway would be appreciated – huh, who knew? I should have thought of this sooner…

image1 (3).PNG
Tønsberg, Norway

Anyway, here’s something you maybe didn’t know; the weather every summer in Norway is one of great contrast! One year it can rain the whole summer, another we can have record warm days (bear in mind that it always rains, or snows, in Norway! Always…) And guys; record warm means around 25 celcius, if we’re lucky.

Sorry, but our country is cold! There’s a reason our closest neighbour is the North Pole…

image2 (1).PNG
Tjøme, Norway

Hmm… what else could be interesting to know? Yes, I know! What is the most important clothing for a late summer night in Norway?

Woollen Sweaters. Why you say? Because it’s cold, period.

Tønsberg Brygge, Norway

Most important piece of clothing for a Norwegian summer?

Allværsjakke. A bright coloured jacket that works for any weather, at any time (during our summer).

Pelle 2.jpg
Verdens Ende, “The World’s End”, Tjøme

Ahh I wish I had a more interesting post to give you, but trust me – I’m working on some great posts from Shanghai now! And maybe I’ll work on some more Norway related posts, what do you think? Feedback on that one is appreciated 🙂 Till then… I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!

bilder fra verdens ende.jpg
Verdens Ende, “The World’s End”, Tjøme

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