Warning: I wrote this on a sugar rush late at night, so bear with me! I’m working on some actual posts that will be up soon – so don’t worry   😉

Aloha my dear readers! I know you are probably here to read my lovely travel posts or perhaps to find info for a new travel? (Hey – a girl’s gotta hope.) Who knows – some of you may even be here for my fantastic wit! Haha. Which I don’t show in my blog posts… yeah, I know, bummer… Anyway! Just to show you guys how much I love you, and how much effort I put into this blog, I’m making an Instagram post – such a hassle, am I right? I’m working really hard here, people! Hope you enjoy it – and follow me, honestly. I actually update my Instagram more often than my blog, soooo… Mahalo, peeps The shaka hand


1) Pillbox hike, Kailua 2)Waikiki, Oahu 3) Waikiki beach, Honolulu

bloggen 2,2.jpg

1) Waikiki Beach, Honolulu 2) View of Lanikai Beach, Hawaii 3) Pillbox hike, Kailua 4) Pillbox hike, Kailua 5) Royal Palace, Norway 6) Waikiki Beach, Honolulu

bloggen 3,3.jpg

1) HPU Campus, Hawaii 2) Streets of Honolulu 3) Royal Palace, Norway 4) Verdens Ende, Tjøme, Norway 5) Jing’an Temple, Shanghai 6) Verdens Ende, Norway

bloggen 4,4.jpg

1) Shaolin Monastery, Henan, China 2) Tjøme, Norway 3) Crete, Greece 4) Chenshan Shanghai Botanical Gardens 5) Greece 6) Tjøme, Norway

bloggen 5,5.jpg

1) Tjøme, Norway 2) Tønsberg, Norway 3) Verdens Ende, Tjøme, Norway 4) Shanghai m50 Art District , China 5) Shanghai, China 6) Tønsberg, Norway


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