Yangshuo Silver Cave, China

So, this trip happened a while ago… May, to be exact! I haven’t gotten around to writing many blog posts about it (except for this, this and this post), but now I am – and I am ready to show you what Yangshuo has to offer! And first up is the Silver Cave;

Located not too far away from the main hub of Yangshuo, and still far enough away to give you a farmland feeling, lies a long stretch of road with many attractions. One of the most popular ones is the Silver Cave. It covers about one square kilometer (0.4 square miles), and features various stalactites from different geologic ages that are lit up by colourful lights. The cave is also surrounded by hills and peach trees, giving the whole place a sort of rural feeling. You’ll see this outside the cave, of course. ..

I didn’t get the best pictures inside the cave (that’s me being modest) , but here are some that might give you an idea as to how it looks! The shaka hand





And the rest of the photo’s turned super blurry, as you can see below 🙂




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