Yet another tribute to @jooleeloren’s instagram account

Remember when I, last year, wrote a blog post about an instagram account so comedic and self-depricating that you simply had to check it out? That was @jooleeloren’s instagram account! Her posts bring me joy in my every day life – because, in some instances, the drawings are so relatable. And in other cases, they are completely ludicrous (in a very good, amusing way).

Therefore, as I am preparing to head back to my tropical paradise, patiently waiting, just like you to, get some new blog posts and pictures up – enjoy some scribbly illustrations by an amazing artist! Aloha The shaka hand

OH! And I almost forgot to mention the best part; the comments – the pictures are not wholly whole without jooleeloren’s comments on the side. So be sure to check out her instagram after – it will brighten your day…

All illustrations by @jooleeloren

jooleeloren 21.jpg



jooleeloren 49.jpg

jooleeloren 20.jpg


jooleeloren 37.jpg

jooleeloren 48.jpg

jooleeloren 30.jpg

Ohh you guys, there are too many good drawings – I’ll show you more later! 😉



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