Chenshan Shanghai Botanical Garden: the America Zone

Here it is – the third and last blog post about the Chenshan botanical gardens!

For those of you who remember, I went here one of my last days in Shanghai. I had read about it online, and was eager to go see if for myself. (I am a sucker for museums and botanical gardens..) Naturally, I dragged my dad with me, partly blaming it on the whole “this is gonna be amazing and you don’t want to miss it” excuse, and partly because I didn’t want to go alone…. Anywayyyyys, trust me – it did not disappoint!

The Chenshan botanical garden is presumed to be one of the largest, if not the largest, park in Shanghai. Located about an hour outside of the city, the botanical garden consist of 26 special gardens divided into four main categories – however, we went to the coolest part… The greenhouses. (And they are totally, one hundred percent awesome!!)

There is three greenhouses divided into each their own category; the Australia, America and Africa zone. They are all worth a look – believe me.

I decided early on to divide each greenhouse into their own blog post, so I have added the links to them here: the Australia Zone, the Africa Zone. Enjoy! The shaka hand











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